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Based on the Jewish Medical Ethics series curated by Rabbi Sprung of the Beis Medrash for Medical Halacha, The JPN has partnered with Rabbi Sprung and New York Medical College to further discussion and provide ACCME accreditation for those who attend live.  


Through our website, you can submit complex halachic medical questions to various poskim and receive a response within 24 hours. 

In an effort to help the Jewish community, the JPN has partnered wirh several clinics to promote health literacy. Additionally, we will be hosting our upcoming series on community health issues given for physicians and community members. 

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Often by the time you have an ethical question it's too late. That is why we offer an in depth analysis of the medical ethics series by the beis medrash for medical halcha. Although, not all CME accredited this series gives the viewer a much greater background to ask the right questions before they come up in practice. 

We know how difficult it can be in a hospital setting while trying to keep up with your other responsibilities. Holidays are often the hardest. Where can I hear the megillah reading on purim if I'm on shift? How can I light menorah in an on call room? The JPN has your back! Every major holiday we post oppurtunities to help you fulfill your obligations while managing your work life. Stay tuned for our announcements. 

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