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What is Pre-Med and how do I know I'm doing right? The JPN pre-med video series guides you step by step so that you can get to medical efficiently and prepared. From what classes to take to shadowing oppurtunities we discuss it. 

The journey towards Medcial School can be a difficult and confusing one. That is why we offer a helping hand. Hear about the path toward medical school from medical students and residents who have been in your shoes. Make sure to sign up for the next one!

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Interested in a specific medical school? The JPN's vast network of medical students allows for pre-med students to learn about the different medical schools and have more school information on medical school interviews. All you have to do is sign up to become a JPN member.

Extracurriculars and clinical exposure are crucial in developing a strong medical school application. But how does one find these oppurtunities. Thankfully, the JPN is connected to a number of clinics for both shadowing and part time work.Tune in for the oppurtunity to sign up for these oppurtunities as we structure this program over the next few weeks.

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